Come to the Free Birth Prep Class, November 8!

I am taking this doula business to the streets! Well, the Crozet Library–close enough. Come on out, y’all! We’re going to spend 90 super fun minutes on November 8 talking about ways to make your birth better. If you’re pregnant, please come, and bring partners or support people if you like. This is a free


Leading with thoughts

I spent last weekend in Richmond adding a big new tool to my doula toolbox. ToLabor sponsored a training for doulas to gain skills in acupressure for pregnancy and labor. This was a whole new realm for me—in general doula training we learned an acupressure point or two, but this took it many levels beyond

Homebirth doulas?

When I say I’m a doula, I often get the same questions. One question I often get, and always surprises me a little, is this: “So most of your births are home births?” I think there’s some confusion out there about how doulas are different than midwives. Doulas, of course, are labor assistants, whereas midwives

Happy birth day, mamas

I stumbled on a great magazine a few weeks ago: Hip Mama. It’s published in Berkeley and I’ve never seen it before, though this is its 55th issue. I bought it because I liked the cover: a woman breastfeeding a preschooler, like on the famous Time Magazine cover, but way more funny and ironic (there’s