• Mothers, you can do it! Our bodies are built for this, and we can be confident that the birth process works.
  • Babies are fully conscious human beings who deserve the utmost in compassion as they complete this first journey of their lives, from the protection of the womb to the outside world.
  • The support a mother receives during labor and birth is crucial. It affects not only the progress of the birth, but the way the mother remembers the experience.
  • For the mother, birth is a unique process in which time slows down, her mind and body become more integrated than usual, and events are profoundly imprinted onto her consciousness.
  • Having a healthy baby is very important, but it’s not the only important thing. What also matters deeply is for the mother to have the best possible experience, since birth affects who we are as mothers and women for the rest of our lives. A good birth benefits everyone in the family.
  • Natural birth is awe-inspiring. But not every birth must be “natural” to be good, satisfying or peaceful. Medical interventions are right for some mothers in some situations (though many unnecessary ones certainly do take place). Rather than feeling pressured to have a certain kind of birth, every mother deserves information to make her own choices, and then to be fully supported in those choices.
  • Being informed as a pregnant and birthing mother is a right and a responsibility.
  • Doulas do not replace partners in the labor room; rather, a good doula supports the connection between mother and partner.
  • Birth outcomes are better with doulas!