Here’s what a few of my clients say:


“When my husband and I first met Erika we were instantly comfortable with her peaceful and unassuming demeanor. During our preparation sessions she helped us talk through positive and negatives of our first birth and helped us make a plan for how things would go the second time. Erika also offered a bonus prep session since we were not taking a birth class this time. It was really helpful to review the techniques and physically practice them again.

For the birth things moved quite rapidly. After laboring at home for only three hours we decided to go to the hospital. Things were getting intense by the time we arrived and Erika suddenly appeared as we were getting checked in. This brought me a lot of peace.

I was at 8cm when we arrived at the hospital. During the labor Erika sat behind me on the bed and squeezed my hips, which helped tremendously. Between contractions she massaged, encouraged, and gave me water. The baby was born less than two hours after arriving at the hospital.

We had a great experience with Erika! She supported us but never took over. She was a calming spirit during my labor and helped me achieve my goal of a more positive and peaceful birth.”


“Hiring Erika to be our doula was the best decision we made with regard to giving birth. My husband and I were first-timers and had no idea what to expect. Looking back on the whole experience, we think Erika’s biggest value to us was actually before the birth itself. She instilled so much confidence in both of us that we could do this… me especially, by coaching me through positions and exercises in preparation, but my husband also by showing him how to best support me. In fact, she did such a fabulous job prepping us that her role once I went into labor was more of supporting actress rather than leading character as my husband and I knew just what to do. I love the role my husband played in our daughter’s birth as a result.

Erika’s presence was calming and gave us lot of confidence throughout. I would highly recommend her to any first time parents out there!!”


“This was my first pregnancy and birth. I knew I wanted to enlist the help of a doula but waited until later in my pregnancy. Once I was referred and introduced to Erika, I knew it was the right timing and the right person. Erika was incredibly flexible and understanding of our time frame and schedules. She offered such tender care and thoughtful technique with me and my husband throughout preparation and birth. She helped guide me to feel confident in my body and in nature. Every woman deserves to feel respected, beautiful, powerful, loved and supported. Erika embodies all of this. She helped to show us the way. Birth was crazy and awesome. Having Erika there with us was an undeniable blessing. She is calm and strong, understanding and full of peace. I cannot imagine the experience without her support. My pregnancy was such a delight and birth was full of so many different feelings and emotions, pain and excitement. Erika rolled with it all with such ease and made the journey all the more awesome. Our daughter had a wonderful entrance into the world. I thank the stars every day for her. We are eternally grateful for Erika and her presence through our experiences!”



“I had a wonderful birth experience under Erika’s care. She arrived at my home when my contractions got close and I was able to labor at home for much longer than I would have felt comfortable doing otherwise. Being home was much more comfortable than being at the hospital, but once we made that transition, Erika was there with her calm and reassuring presence. I required a lot of touch during my labor, so my husband was happy to have another set of hands. The prenatal visits were very helpful and informative. Erika had some great books, which she let me borrow for both pregnancy and postnatal care. I did not have a doula for my first birth and have to say, the difference was like night and day. Get a doula! I highly recommend Erika for birth support perfection.”



“Having Erika as my doula not only gave us peace of mind, but an emotional, physical, and verbal support which is unmatched. Physically, the ease of labor pain using Erika’s massage and touch techniques were extremely beneficial and crucial in facilitating a quick birth. Additionally, position recommendations offered by Erika were very valuable. Psychologically, Erika empowered me to labor without the assistance of pain medication, the main objective in our birth plan. Erika’s expertise and experience in births also gave us peace of mind while in the labor and delivery room. Without Erika’s doula support and services, we would not have had the successful birth plan and this wonderful birth experience to share.”